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What Are The Benefits Of Click Fraud Protection Platforms For Marketing Teams?

Affiliate ad click fraud is an alarming and unethical activity and a growing concern among digital marketers. Many companies nowadays rely on affiliate marketing to promote their services and products. Ad click frauds prevent companies from reaping the large-scale advantages of affiliate marketing.

Paid ad click fraud is an ever-evolving issue in search engine marketing, and it is clear that businesses have an uphill struggle against malicious actors. But the fightback is already underway in the form of click fraud protection tools.

These tools can monitor invalid traffic and protect your affiliate marketing campaign from malicious activities. Your in-house marketing team will be able to tackle the spiraling losses from click frauds.

The worst part about click fraud is that you may fall victim without noticing it. Legitimate marketers suffer losses when unscrupulous affiliates redirect purchases, and marketing teams incur losses as they tend to pay commissions for fake sales and clicks.

Overview of Click Fraud

Click fraud, also known as pay-per-click fraud, inflates website traffic artificially. In most affiliate marketing models, advertisers pay a fee for each click on their ad, and they anticipate that real customers are seeing and clicking on their ads.

By leveraging automated clicking platforms, nefarious affiliates create an illusion that many customers are clicking on ads. But in reality, any of these clicks will benefit the advertiser. The primary purpose behind click fraud is to increase your company’s advertising budget.

Threat actors also use click fraud to boost the rankings of malicious websites. Click fraud is a subset of ad fraud where the clicks drive up the revenue of the malicious actors. Click fraud is widespread because of the large amount of money involved in PPC advertising.

The Working Mechanism of Click Frauds

Click fraud relies on automated platforms to drain your marketing team’s budget. A victim of click fraud will notice a large number of clicks emanating from a single device.

Instead of placing the ads on legitimate websites, threat actors may run a fraud campaign. They will display ads on malicious websites. Once the ads are in place, they generate traffic for which the threat actor earns a commission. Click frauds can have far-reaching consequences.

The Adverse Effects of Click Frauds

Click frauds can have adverse effects on your company’s marketing budget. Here are the costs associated with click fraud.

Skewed Campaign Data

Skewed campaign data is one of the most severe repercussions associated with click fraud. Click frauds can inflate your website’s statistics with irrelevant clicks. Attributing fraudulent activity to particular areas in your affiliate marketing campaigns is tough, and click fraud affects data accuracy.

Wasted Ad Budget

Legitimate affiliates often implement sophisticated tracking algorithms to keep track of every ad click. Threat actors can design programs that bypass detection, increasing your ad budget. Wasted ads can be demoralizing for your in-house marketing team.

Lower Conversion Rates

Click fraud increases your advertising cost of sales without delivering results in reality. Click fraud also drives up your click-through rate and inflates figures. Getting many clicks without any action from the users reflects a poor conversion rate.

By implementing brand compliance monitoring tools, you can stop the occurrence of click fraud.

The Advent of Click Fraud Identification Platforms

Click fraud identification platforms recognize and reduce click frauds across affiliate marketing campaigns. These platforms offer you analytical insights into your branded keyword promotions. They protect your brand from any affiliate violation on paid search platforms.

You will be able to eliminate unwanted ad placements with the help of these platforms. Most click fraud identification platforms rely on Ai and Machine Learning to monitor your affiliate ads, and they execute this action in real-time with no requirement for human input. Implementing these platforms is essential if your company is suffering losses because of click fraud.

Types of Click Frauds that these Platforms Identify

These platforms identify some of the most common types of click frauds.

  • Ad Stacking

In this fraud, you can see multiple ads stacked on top of one another, which increases the probability of clicking.

  • Pixel Stuffing

Threat actors create ads on a website in the form of pixels. End users view multiple ads and tend to click them, and this results in click fraud.

Chasing click frauds and fake leads will harm your company’s revenue objectives. Dealing with fraudulent chargebacks and conversions can be frustrating. The best way to prevent click fraud is by implementing click fraud identification platforms.

How do Virus Positive Technologies help you combat Click Fraud? Virus Positive Technologies (VPT) allows you to identify affiliate traps and secures your brand’s reputation. VPT monitors your digital advertising channels with its advanced brand compliance monitoring tools. It is easier to prevent click fraud with VPT’s advanced monitoring solutions.

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