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Why Should a Business Invest in An Affiliate Tracking Tool?

With affiliate marketing experiencing explosive emergence, running affiliate programs becomes important for brands. Brands that hire affiliates can promote services and products. In short, each establishment that uses affiliate programs must implement affiliate marketing tracking and monitoring tools. By doing so, a business can:

  • Manage affiliate programs
  • Collaborate with affiliate partners
  • Measure results
  • Control expenses

Managing affiliate programs becomes a challenge for a business, especially when there are infinite affiliates on board. But what’s the use of an affiliate monitoring tool? Let’s dive deeper into the narration below.

An Introduction to Affiliate Tracking Tools: Perks of Introducing It to Your Business

Affiliate tracking tools help monitor the performance of programs. The platforms streamline the procedure of monitoring conversions and traffic. A business’s marketing partners may be influencers, bloggers, or content producers. Whoever the professional is, they are in control – kudos to the accurate tracking. If you want to invest in it, learn the perks of investing in affiliate tracking tools:

#1 Productive Affiliate Management

The affiliate tracking system simplifies the process of managing everything from a single place. Dashboards offer personalized views in real-time with only a couple of clicks.

#2 Saves Time & Automation

The automation of payments and offers will save time.

#3 Optimize Marketing Campaigns

These tools boost campaign optimization. So, your team will stay equipped with the more important tasks.

#4 Expand Revenue

Affiliate monitoring software makes it seamless for businesses to accomplish better ROI. You may also discover the best customers &affiliates to streamline campaign growth.

#5 Fraud Detection Services

The tracking software also assists companies with automatic fraud detection solutions.

Top-Notch Features to Look for in Affiliate Marketing Tools

While selecting the tool, ensure that the software has added security to protect your business from affiliate fraud. With malicious actors gaining access to your business, preventing your business with affiliate fraud detection solutions becomes imperative.

The tool must secure the data and increase your system’s stability. Affiliate software must prevent affiliate marketers from fraudulent activities. It must also control your operations within a single affiliate program in real time. Besides, it should also monitor sources of traffic & number of clicks. The software should protect your business from nefarious actors by monitoring suspicious activities.

The tool must monitor affiliates to identify price comparisons, cookie stuffing, URL hijacking, cookie hijacking, clickjacking promotions, and pop-up ads. With a sought-after session hijacking prevention tool, a business can protect its brand reputation, customer experience, and advertising budgets.

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Common Types of Ad Frauds for Affiliate Marketing Monitoring Software to Detect

Listed below are the common types of ad frauds that an affiliate marketing tracking tool can protect your business.

#1 Cookie stuffing

Cookie dropping or stuffing is when a user receives cookies from an unrelated website during their visit to the website without any prior notification.

#2 Domain spoofing

Domain spoofing is an act of pretending to be the premium publisher. But in reality, they are the low-quality publisher who makes you seem more valuable.

#3 Data Center Traffic

A business would always wish the traffic to come from actual companies or persons. With this kind of fraud, the traffic will derive from the data center.

#4 Ghost Websites & Traffic Redirection

Fraudsters create a blank web page that does not have content. They add a technical code there that gets added to the low-quality exchange. In this manner, they start generating money,

#5 Click spam

Click spam is where the fraudster executes one click for someone who does not click themselves.

#5 Click injection

Click injection is a more sophisticated method of click spamming.

#6 SDK spoofing

Software development kit or SD spoofing is traffic spoofing where a fraudster creates fake installs via real devices ‘data.

#7 Fake Device IDs

Frequency counters can detect fraudulent clicks. When the same device ID clicks the ad multiple times, it gets counted as fake. Fraudsters create fake IDs to counter it.

So, implementing affiliate marketing tactics to boost your sales may have a negative impact. To protect your business from affiliate frauds and brand infringement, you need a one-stop solution.

Shield Your Affiliate Networks with Virus Positive Technologies

Virus Positive Technologies is a pioneer in assisting companies with affiliate fraud management and prevention solutions. Whether you want to secure your affiliate networks or monitor the data, we are here to serve you aplenty.

Consult our adept team of experts for automated monitoring solutions. With our VPT tools, we promise to help you monitor the traffic. We help you learn about your affiliates and understand who they are. We also give you an in-depth insight into your affiliates’ promotional methods, traffic sources, and marketing performance. In this manner, we detect frauds, identify gaps, and build healthy professional relationships. Request a demo for the best affiliate tracking software from our associates today.

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