Tips for Crystal Maintenance in the Wholesale Jewelry Market

This method is most suitable for the use of crystal ornaments. Crystal accessories should first be put in the refrigerator lower fruit cell or egg cells frozen night, the decorations can be placed the next day under the sun too much sun 2-3 hours in order to strengthen the energy of crystals.

Low-temperature cleaning method

If it is not immediately exposed to the sun, but also to be sunny when the sun, or wear when the sun, just to absorb UV light.

Whitewater druse cleaning method

Whitewater druse, that is, with the growth of a group of discount crystal jewelry , including his father, mother, brothers and sisters, they use their own energy to help each other, resulting in maximum energy and produce clean results, and we made use of such energy cleansing our individual Crystal. This is the best cleaning method.

Saline washing method

With mineral water or distilled water to dilute the salt water and dip into a crystal night, washed with water the next day the excess salt from the full-Xi Jinn, and placed in the sunlight under the sun 2-3 hours to complete, the crystal energy can play to the best effect. If mosaic crystal ornaments are not suitable for this method, but can be tissue paper or cloth bag wrapped it can also be used.

Aroma Cleaning Method

Aroma cleaning crystal can be used, so that its energy can be reborn.

UV Cleaning Method

The crystal placed in the sunlight 4-5 hours you can achieve the most simplest cleaning method, but bear in mind that amethyst can not tan for too long, to avoid too long to make the color change amethyst. Note that the crystal is not brightly colored cleaning method has been applied.

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