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The goal is the spice of football, say, a huge football fan tonicize all learn as a child in the catalog Balompédica of stale phrases. If we accept that the goal is the sauce, we can not but recognize that then the pass is the main ingredient. And yes, the sauce is what gives flavor to the food, but the main ingredient, simply, no food. Among all types of pass you are, the more artistic form of assistance is the goal, that touch which aims to find a receiver that is provided to send to the network, which is the bed where they want to go to sleep all the balls.

During the 90’s soccer was in an evolutionary point where everything revolved around the playmaker, the Ten, the wizard. In those years it was difficult to find a team or a selection of level that does not count in the eleven with a specialist in the last pass. Of all those artists who keeps my mind there are two names that stand out above the rest: the great Michael Laud up and penalty-why-not-you-have-been-better Iván De la Peña.

In the last years of the millennium, the fashion changed and the playmaker was devoured by the ground pin a cousin with a more scorer. In fact, it began to be slightly less than in the starting unthinkable to have a guy who was not asked her defensive duties above and still did not have much scoring. That’s how I Pleat, a genius on the five years before any European team would have pulled the house out the window, he saw football as many doors closed.

He was forced to leave Barca, 98, with Louis Van Gaal as manager, and his tour of Italy (Lazio) and France (Olympique Marseille) also found your site. Finally ended up finding shelter in the Espanyol, where he always got the feeling it could have been much larger if his career had not taken many tumbles in key years.

Behind the paradigmatic case of De la Peña, many other specialists in the last pass to the upgrading of a model became obsolete almost as if they were football players in a digital analog. The bands were lopsided or late position, who turned against nature by the new requirements or defensive players could and should be. Come to my head some animals that were climate change and predators went from bad life in a hostile habitat, such as Raquel, Valeron or Guti. And this climate change can not deny or Rajoy’s cousin. It is a demonstrable fact:

Looking at the table top assistants three major European leagues, we met some enlightening data. In England the top three assistants are Archiving (11), Rooney (10) and Nani (10), three players playing behind a Nine, but none of them is not a playmaker or a specialist in the pass. In Italy the first three are Cossu (11), Lavazza (10), Ibrahimović (9).

The former Cagliari midfielder is one whose performance has improved greatly since he was taken from the band and got to play more inside, but the other two are two strikers. Finally, the podium is occupied Spain Messi (14), Alves (10), Xavi Prieto (8), the only one on the Ten nonmetro profile. Of the nine assistants have just enumerated, there are two midfielders, one side and six forwards. The decline has lived pin is undisputed playmaker.

Of course this story is not new, but has been happening for years. How many times have we said or heard that lacked Iniesta goal to become a global crack! Or need more door to reach the level of Gerrard and Lampard. And yes, the media coverage archiconocidos acquired with two goals, but nobody is aware that the pass is the basis of his genius. So do not be surprised that now the British are those who think of their young prospects that are missing go to look like Don Andrés.

Finally, after all, one gets the feeling that everything is cyclical, and just as the attacking midfielders, as understood in the nineties, lost ground in the last decade, is a matter of time before returning to reconquer the world. In a new, evolved as it could not be otherwise, but with the pass as the main weapon. (Cavil that maybe we can find a ejmlas the playmaker of the future in the embryo that is on today’s Thiago Alcantara.)

The global impact that produced the FC Barcelona and the Spanish team has already begun to change the game. There is no doubt that within a decade we will look at these years as a turning point in the slow but unstoppable evolution of the sport. The touch, the combination, the wall and the last pass again to reign over the containment, the long ball and counterattack.

Because not only are the club, Arsenal, Villarreal … I began to have green shoots everywhere, as the thirties and Andrea Cosi or Xavi San Sebastian Prieto. Pin playmaker has not died, so I chose is not complete and merges with praise to give names to the re-evolution that has already begun. Make way for the Ten is come.

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