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When traveling, it is common to take advantage of hostels usually barites usually more than a conventional hotel, these are ideal when traveling with friends or can also be for a family that has no problems sharing.

If you are traveling to London , consider staying in a hostel can save some money, then mention the most popular and the tentative price per night.

The steam engine, BestplaceInn, 41-42 Cossets dorms from € 33.73 a short walk from Lambeth North Station, so that is close to visit some of the tourist attractions of the city.

MuseumInn Astor, 27 Montague Street dorms from € 20.76, is a hostel aimed at young people ranges from 18 to 35 except that it is well located.

Christopher’s Hammersmith, 28, Hammersmith Broadway with bedrooms from € 24.21 with easy access to Heathrow long as you use the Piccadilly subway line

Smart Hyde Park View, 11 Craven Hill Garden with dorms from € 20.75, is characterized as one of the best located hotels in London apart from its economic rate is

Smart Russell Square, 71 Guilford Street condormitorios from € 19.45

Astor Quest, 45 Queens borough Terrace dorms from € 23.36, it is noteworthy that this hostel only accepts people between 18 and 35 years of age because they are classified as a youth hostel.

Clink78, 78 Kings Cross Rd dorms from € 22.71; probably one of the most original of London for here will stay in an old house covered with British culture.

Note that these are the prices for the common rooms, if you like a private room also will find these establishments but with a higher price.

Hostels in London find much, each with different characteristics, and up to us to choose one or the other, we must choose the one that best suits our features, and especially what we seek, it is very important to stay somewhere where we feel comfortable, and especially where we see that we can visit all the places that interest us without moving too much, and that’s an advantage too good with that spare time mostly.

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