Tips on Wholesale Discount Gemstones Jewelry

Natural Gemstones are sought after and treasured throughout history. they need been found from several thousand years ago. they’re valued as symbolizing love gifts .

Generally, the worth of any jewelry gemstone is determined by: size, cut, quality, and type. Following are some information about Gemstones quality:

  • Is the gemstone natural or synthetic,
  • Is the color throughout the stone?
  • How good is that the color?
  • Are there any noticeable scratches, chips ?
  • Has it been treated?

If you’re buying the gemstone for a necklace or earrings , are the gemstone well matched?

There are some ways that dealers treat gemstones. The savvy buyer asks plenty of questions. Here are some treatments to seem for:


It is common to irradiate Aquamarine. Many dealers know if the stones they’re selling have been irradiated. Honest ones will tell you if they’re aware of the treatment.


This is the most common treatment used. quartz are commonly dyed. Amethyst and Citrine are often dyed. Black Onyx is dyed in normal processing.

Jasper is usually dipped in petroleum products to bring out color and to seal it.

Fake stones:

Some dealers will attempt to use fake stones instead of natural ones. Also, there are some fake stones on the handmade jewelry market. you’re recommended to ask what the stone is if you are not sure. The honest dealers will tell you. If a stone looks too perfect it’s going to be a fake one, irradiated or dyed, cracked or chipped

  • A natural gemstone is typically not perfect one on surface.
  • Tips on buying gemstone beads:
  • If buying real stones search for the best quality stone
  • Make sure beads are not cracked or chipped by the holes
  • Good sized holes in order that you can use a stronger thread to design
  • Good shaped beads taken because the appropriate

If the beads are noticed during a 16mm you should make sure it is 16mm.but not 14mm or 15mm

fine color in order that you can design harmonious and charming necklaces and matching with your earrings. Matching eye color with favorite colors may be a great way for gemstone jewelry gifts.

Gemstone Care information :

There’s a great deal of information packed of Gem Care. Learn whether to avoid light, which Gem are often cleaned with ultrasonic, how heat affects each gem, and far more care. this is often wholesale jewelry website that you might want to take along with you when you shop for fashion jewelry.

Gemstone jewelry is loved and adored by many. The gemstones sparkle and dazzle brighten our outlook on life. Find gemstone jewelry, and known about gemstone care, treatments, mined location, gemstone lore,. Personalize your gemstone jewelry by adding this information. Each gemstone is listed on discount jewelry.

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