Chevrolet Lease Return Options in Vermont

If you want to drive a Chevy but aren’t financially ready yet to purchase, leasing is a wise alternative. With dealers like Key Chevrolet of White River, you can lease a Chevrolet car, SUV, or truck and enjoy more affordable monthly payments.

Apart from having several options regarding the models and variants you want to rent for a few years (typically, terms are about 3 to 5 years long), you only won’t have just one Chevrolet lease return option once the contract nears its end.

Here are your three choices:

Trade in for a new lease. Once you’ve enjoyed the many benefits of leasing an automobile, you could be better motivated to continue doing so. This is why among car lessees, many opt to continue their lease. You can access much newer models (and their accompanying newer technologies) for a lower price when you go down this path. This way, you can drive your dream Chevy home more stress-freely.

Buy the vehicle. Sometimes, people lease out a car to assess if it’s the right fit for them. If they finally decide to own the vehicle, they could buy it at any time during the lease period for the remaining value. This is a great option if you’ve grown to love the car you’re leasing and want to make it your own.

Return the vehicle. This option is for you if you’re not yet ready to buy or continue leasing the vehicle. Get in touch with your Chevy dealer so you can be guided accordingly for the lease return process.

Tips When Returning Your Leased Chevrolet Vehicle

No matter your Chevrolet lease return option, you still have to conduct a pre-return inspection. The main goal is to determine if there’s unusual wear and conduct the necessary repairs.

  1. Usually, they will look for the following:
  2. Irremovable stains on the carpet
  3. Dents and collision damage
  4. Windshield cracks or cheap bigger than a quarter

Panel damage (dings should be less than 2 inches and no more than 4; dent should only be 1, and scratches should be less than 4 inches and no more than 2)

Wheel scrapes that are at least two inches long

  • Original manufacturer wheels with a minimum of 4/32 inch tread

If the car has damages that go beyond these, your dealer may charge you penalty fees.

When you return your leased car, you also have to ensure you have your lease account information, remote and keys (and spare keys, if any), and the owner’s manual. Also, bring the car’s maintenance record, toolkit and spare tire (if applicable), the vehicle inspection report, and receipts for repairs done.

  • Don’t forget to check for any personal belongings that may have been kept in the vehicle.

If you’re going to lease a new car, you also have to research and select the Chevy you want to rent next. If you’re near White River in Vermont, you can also see the inventory of Key Chevrolet of White River.

  • Explore your Chevrolet vehicles lease return options at Key Chevrolet of White River today.

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